client since 2023

TMF Group

TMF Group – a global leader in providing employee, financial and legal administration services – asked TD Cascade to design and produce the 2023 Annual Report while incorporating new developments and reporting innovations in preparation for new mandatory standards.

In a creative session, we defined TMF Group’s reporting goals, emphasizing more storytelling and alignment with its brand values: simplifying a complex world, supported by a global platform.

We proposed an online-first reporting approach and developed a creative concept that translates these new objectives into concrete components of the annual report. People contributing to the success of its global platform would tell an engaging story of TMF Group.

TD Cascade implemented all designs using the latest release of the F19 platform and provided full support during the production of the 2023 Annual Report and Sustainability Report.

The result is a showcase of progressive reporting with an outstanding and clever design, seamlessly integrated into a bespoke content management system.


Design & lay-out – CSS / Coding – Tooling support – Art direction – Project management


  • Annual Report
  • Sustainability Report


  • Dedicated website
  • Interactive pdf


  • F19


Just Eat Takeaway

client since 2016

Just Eat Takeaway

After successful publication of the 2022 annual report, TD Cascade set up a creative session with Just Eat Takeaway in the summer of 2023 to determine upcoming reporting objectives, and how to improve production process and output quality.

As a result, new and more storytelling in support of brand narrative, a new and optimized screen-friendly format, a clear structure and navigation to improve readability and a substantial reduction in size.

From 276 pages in 2022 to 192 pages in the new report; 30% reduction in size by optimizing grid and page layout and improving visuals like graphs, charts and tables. By adding more interactivity and new navigation improved accessibility and overall user-experience.

The production of the annual report is a tightly organized and semi-automated process installed by TD Cascade in which raw output generated by Sturnis – used for content and data management by Just Eat Takeaway – is embedded in design templates developed and managed by TD Cascade.


Design & layout – Art direction – Project management


  • Integrated report


  • Interactive PDF
  • XBRL / ESEF package


  • Sturnis / Wordsflow




We bring clarity in complexity and identify what truly matters.

TD Cascade overname Domani

TD Cascade zet met overname Domani verder in op corporate reporting.

Het Haagse bureau Domani, opgericht in 2013 door Annemarie van Rijn, en gespecialiseerd in jaarverslagen, is per 13 april samengegaan met TD Cascade, onderdeel van Total Design Amsterdam.

Een jaar nadat met de overname van Cascade (inmiddels TD Cascade) een grote stap werd gezet in de markt van jaarverslagen, komt Domani daar nu bij.
Met de overname van Domani krijgt TD Cascade een leidende positie in de wereld van financial en nonfinancial corporate reporting. Ingegeven door digitalisering, veranderende wetgeving, maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen en veeleisende stakeholders is financial reporting aan grote veranderingen onderhevig. Door reporting te koppelen aan de bestaande expertises op het gebied van branding, communicatie en technologie wil Total Design een voorhoedepositie innemen in deze ontwikkelingen.

Met de overname van Domani vergroot Total Design haar klantenkring in een essentieel marktsegment en wordt ingezet op nationale en internationale groei. Cascade bracht al klanten mee zoals a.s.r., Bouwinvest, Amvest, CBRE, Deloitte en Umicore. Domani werkt onder meer voor, Signify, Fugro en Volker Wessels. Hiermee is de klantportfolio in financiële dienstverlening, vastgoed en industrie verder gegroeid. Olga IJspeert, voormalig directeur/eigenaar van Cascade, en Annemarie van Rijn, tot de overname directeur/eigenaar van Domani, blijven beide actief, om TD Cascade nog succesvoller te maken. Domani is nu nog gevestigd op de Mauritskade 49 in Den Haag, maar zal vanaf 1 juli intrekken bij TD Cascade en Total Design.