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Who we are

We are an Amsterdam based creative agency – part of Total Design / Yuma – fully devoted to corporate reporting, being it financial, ESG or fully integrated. We approach reporting as an opportunity rather than a matter of compliance. Our mission is to elevate reporting through strategic design. Unique, recognizable, transparent and credible. We focus on exploiting the full potential of a report, transforming it from a corporate must-have to a brand asset. We bring clarity in complexity. We identify what truly matters. We add relevance, create impact and engage. We add value by design. We offer truly unique expertise, combining specialized design skills and tooling knowhow with more than 20 years of reporting experience. We are dedicated, resilient, persistent, meticulous, stress-resistant and reliable. From concept to go-live, we go the extra mile; resulting in innovative, outstanding and tailored reporting solutions that match your specific reporting needs.

What we do

For the past 20 years TD Cascade has been a creative reporting partner for listed and leading companies in real estate, housing, banking, insurance and utilities sectors, among others. In choosing TD Cascade, they choose expertise and reliability along with creativity and perseverance. Our clients are assured of a highly experienced team of senior designers who, together with our tooling and content partners, simply make excellent annual reports.

Interesting times

More than ever before, companies are faced with circumstances that force them to rethink the way they create value as a business and the way they report on it. The SDGs and the Paris Agreement call for a long-term commitment to sustainability. At the same time, consumers and communities alike are pushing for more social inclusiveness and sustainable economics. From fostering socially conscious workplaces to handling the recovery from a global pandemic, companies are asked to play their role in ‘building forward better.’ ESG has become the new currency for value with a range of new frameworks set up to help measure and document this new kind of performance.  Reporting has changed the way companies think, plan, and communicate. Today, reporting is all about transparency, purpose and authenticity…

We create tailored reporting solutions.

Our services

We analyse & advise

  • Impact analysis & mapping
  • CSRD consultation
  • Esg narrative
  • Tooling & output
  • Content analysis
  • Design review

We create & design

  • Concept creation & visualization
  • Storytelling, content & brand alignment
  • Design and layout web & PDF
  • Data visualizations & infographics
  • Dashboarding
  • Text editing & translations

We produce & support

  • Production set-up: offline & online
  • Content input & tooling support
  • Development & coding
  • Project management
  • Process planning
  • Art direction

From concept to go-live. We go the extra mile.

How we work

  • Brand driven
  • Analytical and methodical in approach
  • Reliable and meticulous
  • Persistent and stress-resistant
  • Agile and flexible
  • Dedicated and always at your service!