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client since 2016


TD Cascade has long been the preferred reporting partner for Bouwinvest, providing comprehensive design services for all its reporting needs and related publications, both offline and online. We have been responsible for the concept, design, development and implementation of the Bouwinvest Reporting platform—an advanced online environment embedded with F19 tooling. This platform includes a variety of print and screen templates, enabling Bouwinvest to not only produce annual and quarterly reports but also create all investor-related communications, including portfolio plans, ISAE reports, and investment memoranda.

In 2022, TD Cascade introduced a new corporate style for all Bouwinvest stakeholder communications and crafted a visual narrative that spans all reporting and investor documentation. To support these initiatives, we upgraded the production and publishing environment by customizing and enhancing the F19 tooling. We assumed responsibility for hosting, set up a dedicated server and developed new code to improve user experience.

Today, the Bouwinvest Reporting platform remains a cutting-edge tool designed to fulfill all of Bouwinvest’s investor-related communication needs, exemplifying state-of-the-art reporting and functionality.


Branding – Design & lay-out – CSS / Coding  – Custom tooling – Art direction – Project management


  • Bouwinvest Reporting platform


  • All reporting and investor communications


  • F19