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client since 2023


DELTA Fiber asked our team to design and develop their 2023 reporting, being an ESG report as main carrier and 4 integrated annual reports. Based on brand identity and core values TD Cascade developed a creative narrative aligned with DELTA Fiber’s hybrid business model. This new visual theme for storytelling, complemented by a revamped general styling, would form the foundation for the design and production of all 5 reports.

By optimizing infographics and improving structured overall we uplifted the overall look and feel which resulted in more solid and mature reports that meet today’s stakeholders needs.

TD Cascade furthers developed an online landing page for the ESG report allowing DELTA Fiber to add more interactivity to its ESG content and easily share it on social media and other channels.

Services we provided

Visual concept – Design & layout – CSS / Coding  – Content development (video) –  Proofreading – Translations – Art direction – Project management


  • ESG Report
  • Activity Report
  • Financial Report


  • Interactive PDF
  • Online portal page


  • Indesign

Interactive PDF