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Our vision

In recent years, the content and form of the annual (financial) report has completely changed. Key words in that transition are transparency, stakeholder interests and especially social relevance. For example, the annual report is no longer about dry figures before and after taxes, but about value creation and authenticity. Financial and non-financial results united in an integrated report.

After all, society forces organizations to assess environmental, social, managerial performance and financial results on an equal level. This is the only way to create appreciation as an organization among stakeholders, citizens, governments and all those other stakeholders.

Integrated reporting has changed the way organizations think, plan and report. Once again, identity and core values are at the forefront.

Meanwhile, technology has not stood still either. Printed annual reports are rare. Reporting is increasingly done online, multi-channel, interactive and continuous. Digitization makes annual reports more accessible to a wider audience. The reach and impact of the annual report is only increasing.

Bij het maken van online jaarverslagen lijkt techniek de overhand te krijgen. Maar is dat ook terecht?