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Umicore. Sustainability in DNA.

Umicore is a world leader in materials technology and precious metals recycling. The Belgian company develops, produces and recycles technologically advanced materials for solar cells, satellites, rechargeable batteries, LED applications and catalysts, among others. The global concern employs more than 11,000 people who together generate some 4 billion in sales.

Creating sustainable value is Umicore's (Materials for a better life) overarching strategic ambition. With their "Let's go for zero" approach, Umicore has been at the forefront of ESG for years. Sustainability is in their DNA.

In its integrated annual report, Umicore is committed to full disclosure of its impact and value to society. For 2 years Umicore has been using Tangelo software to produce the integrated report digitally and in-house.

TD Cascade was initially tasked with developing a basic design for the report in line with Umicore's branding. Then, at Umicore's request, the visualization of crucial data was further optimized. Special attention was paid to the layout of tables, graphs and diagrams and the design of crucial infographics and illustrations such as Umicore's value creation model.

In a second phase, TD Cascade supported the implementation of all layout and design assets in Tangelo using templates and custom coding.