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CBRE Group is an international real estate organization headquartered in Los Angeles. The company is the largest real estate consulting firm worldwide. The originally British-American company has more than 100,000 employees spread over more than 530 offices worldwide. TD Cascade has been preparing annual reports for the European investment funds of CBRE (which acquired ING Real Estate in the Netherlands) for almost 20 years.

Working with CBRE Global Investors, TD Cascade developed a sleek reporting template so that each individual fund still clearly exudes CBRE's identity.
The production period for all of these annual reports is just one month, and during that month our team interacts almost daily with the various CBRE teams across Europe. The required high turnover rate and detailing require short lines of communication and a streamlined and automated process. To ensure this, there is ongoing development and fine grinding throughout the year. CBRE's annual reports are a great example of the value of close collaboration, At the same time, they show that "constant" is not the same as stagnation. And continuity is not the same as repetition.

CBRE 2021 - overview
CBRE 2021 overview
CBRE 2021 - map
CBRE 2021 Organization Chart
CBRE 2021 - Interim Sheet